About Us

We are an independent full-service advertising agency, located in the sun-drenched suburbs of Athens.

Oval does everything you would expect from a distinguished ad agency. Our clients come from virtually all walks of enterprise life, from shopping malls and tech companies to municipalities and local businesses. Since we set up shop in 2007, we have been operating - and thriving - in a mostly hostile financial environment, treasuring the wealth of industry knowledge that our clients have bestowed on us. We have grown by helping other brands grow, and vice versa. Put simply, we are in this business to deliver quality services and products, again and again.

Our Clients

Oval Philosophy

"illuminate what adds value; eliminate everything else "

Our Services

We offer a wide array of advertising solutions that caters to every need.


Printing is the cornerstone of our business. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your printing needs.

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Digital media account for about 35% of all advertising, as of 2017. Can you afford missing out on what can well be a strategic advantage?

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VIP Services

Our team offers a wide array of elite lifestyle management and concierge services.

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Offline Marketing

Outdoor advertising is a science with a long tradition. It is still very much a way to get your brand known and a formidable one at that.

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Events Management

Events are exhilarating because they always feel unique. Over the years, we have been the driving force behind conventions, conferences, corporate events, music concerts and even weddings and private parties.

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PAt this very moment, design drives sales better than anything else. An intelligent, well-executed design is certain to increase the value of your services and products and will likely be the best investment you will ever do.

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